BushLife Africa Safaris (BLAS) chooses to partner with organisations that share its aims and ethos; TIME + TIDE is one of those companies, who has a commitment to promoting eco-tourism and long term sustainability of remote regions in Africa.

TIME + TIDE’s story started 70 years ago, when the legendary Norman Carr pioneered a community and conservation-based safari experience in Zambia. Over the years they have evolved and grown, and today, their family of luxury safari properties stretches across the land and sea, in Zambia and Madagascar, welcoming those who believe the road less travelled has more to offer.

BLAS believes in the TIME + TIDE conservation model, which aims to preserve the wild places we all treasure, for generations to come and that the little things can offer the greatest luxury, pure and simple.

Gaze at a canopy of stars from your bed on the sands of the Luangwa River, surrounded by nothing but a mosquito net. Smell the ocean breeze as it rustles the leaves sheltering lemurs on the island sanctuary of Nosy Ankao.

Stop. Listen. Look closer. Come touch the earth.

“Time and tide wait for no man,” said my friend; a gentle reminder that there is no way to stop the ebb and flow of life’s journey; that each moment presents the opportunity to live wholeheartedly and to do the things you love. This century-old wisdom is attributed to Geoffrey Chaucer, a man of many insights, like my friend. – Thierry Dalais, Chairman


Norman Carr was a man ahead of his time. Father of the walking safari, he paved the way for modern conservation tourism, working hand-in-hand with the people of the Luangwa Valley to ensure they would benefit from the protection of their local wilderness and wildlife.

Meeting Norman decades later, a young Chris Liebenberg would be moved to continue his legacy of conservation, setting up a camp with his father on the banks of the Chongwe River in Zambia’s Lower Zambezi Valley.

Inspired by these people and places, and following a boyhood dream to preserve a place by the beach and one in the bush, Thierry Dalais and his family invested in Chris and Norman’s camps. Since then, they have ventured to other remote parts of Africa, working with local communities to open up our regions to modern-day explorers who share a desire to preserve them.

BLAS founder and CEO, Brighton Tau Muluswela (pictured below) is passionate about community development and conservation. Brighton has invested much of his time identifying the needs of local people who are surrounded by wildlife and tropical forests. He strongly believes  that humans and wildlife are all deeply connected to each other and the earth. He believes the moment we help, the natural world pays us a thousand times over. He said: “our organisation is here to offer the best travel experience to our customers while making sure our clients help raise and uphold community and animal welfare standards across the travelling industry.

We do this by choosing safari partners who share our values. As an organisation we make sure that part of your safari costs are channeled back into local communities and animal conservation.

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