BLAS….”Where the little things matter”

We are a fully inclusive and diverse sustainable safari tour operating company that prides itself in giving travellers clear-cut information on sustainable safari travel to the Southern African region.

You will find our footprints in BotswanaNamibiaSouth AfricaZambia and Zimbabwe where we have partnered with the most experienced safari operators in the industry. We create travel itineraries that contribute positively to local communities and the natural environment, and at the same time offer the best travel experience for the traveller. We work together with local safari operators/initiatives that share these same values with us. This enables us to increase our impact much more efficiently creating work opportunities and stimulating economic growth. Sustainable tourism is at the core of everything that we do and why we do it.

Not only will you enjoy some of Africa’s Big 5, antelopes and exhilarating birdlife while staying at some of the most charming tented camps and lodges where you are guaranteed to live in harmony with nature away from the routine of hectic day to day lives. You will also get the opportunity to witness some of our local conservation efforts and local communities projects that help empower communities in and around the areas we operate. At BLAS it is important for us to inspire our customers while on tour with us.

At BLAS we offer the following activities; game drives (day& night), river cruises, honeymoon safaris, fishing safaris, walking safaris, photographic safaris, cultural and educational tours. On the list of our adrenalin-rush activities is the traditional bungee jumping and white water rafting.

We look forward to hosting you and we hope you have a BLAS while you tour and explore the warm heart of the Southern Africa region with us.

About the founder

Brighton Taurai Muluswela is the Founder & CEO of BushLife Africa Safaris (BLAS). Born on the 10th of January in 1972 in Mwenezi, Zimbabwe-located in the southern part of the country around the Nuanetsi Game Ranch and Gonarezhou National Park. Gona as it is popularly known in some circles is the second largest game reserve in Zimbabwe.  It is in these surroundings that Brighton was brought up before moving to the capital city Harare where he was educated. Soon after high school Brighton moved to the United Kingdom in 1990.  At the end of his stay in the United Kingdom he relocated back to Zimbabwe where he assumed work in a family printing business as Managing Director. During his tenure as Managing Director, Brighton was responsible for the growth of the business from a small family enterprise to a medium size business that could take on much bigger commercial printing contracts. His responsibilities included running the day to day operations of the business. It was during his time as Managing Director at their family printing firm that he co-founded a safari tour operating company in partnership with his father.

Wildlife had always been a passion within Brighton’s family having been introduced to it at young age by his parents. The family’s passion for wildlife can be traced back to his grandfather who during the colonial era emigrated from Malawi and worked for an English settler family that owned Eland Game Ranchers, a hunting concession within this remote corner of Masvingo province. The idea to establish a safari company came about when father and son inevitably decided to turn their passion into a business. This gave birth to Swala Safari Travel and Tours, a company that specialised in photographic safaris.

The economic decline in Zimbabwe is well documented. When the number of tourists started to dwindle as a result of the economic meltdown father and son decided to sell their safari business which they had operated for over 10 years.  While the economic decline manifested itself first in the Safari business it was not long before the economic decline caught up with their printing business which regrettably had to be sold after 21 years. Soon after the sale of the printing business had been realised, Brighton who was now married with a young family decided to move back to the United Kingdom in 2007.

Armed with his thirsty and willingness to learn and understand his new environment in the United Kingdom he worked in various industry sectors which included warehousing, hotel and catering and the health-care sector.  He later settled for the healthcare sector where he worked with young adults with challenging behaviour, acquired brain injuries, learning disabilities, the elderly and those suffering from mental health. Brighton had no past experience in these sectors, however true to his can do attitude he developed an interest working with vulnerable young people and adults before finally settling in mental health. Brighton says “The most enjoyable and rewarding part of my job is seeing my patients make good recovery and getting discharged back into the community.” Occasionally, Brighton encounters his former patients in the community with some of them openly expressing their appreciation for his services and that of his colleagues during their time in care.

Working in the healthcare did not dim Brighton’s passion for wildlife. He continued keeping abreast of safari travel industry trends and news keeping an eye on the Southern Africa region’s safari industry. Online, he enjoyed posting safari news, facilities and related activities on his social media platforms. His past experience and continued love for the industry resulted in his fellow diasporian community seeking his knowledge on planning a safari trip with some requesting him to organise and arrange a package on their behalf.  With the increase in the requests from family, friends and colleagues it seems passion, preparation and opportunity met. It was at this point he decided to set up his own company and on the 10th of January 2017 BushLife Africa Safaris (BLAS) was born. Since then he has not looked back – working hard to develop his new venture.

Brighton was in 2019 shortlisted for the ttgLGBT TRAVEL PRIDE CHAMPIONS award for his work in championing diversity and travel. https://www.ttgmedia.com/news/news/shortlist-for-travel-pride-champions-2019-announced-18583

Growing up and working in some of the impoverished parts of Zimbabwe coupled with his work experience in the United Kingdom, Brighton felt the need to give back to the community and conserving wildlife by setting up BLAS Community & Conservation Projects (BLAS C&CP) - an entity that works closely with local communities and conservationists within the region. BLAS C&CP raises money, supports a number of community development and conservation projects in the countries where BLAS has its tour operating activities.

Brighton is passionate about community development and is a strong advocate of strengthening the tourism industry to be inclusive for everyone. A keen golfer and fitness training enthusiast, Brighton continues to broaden his knowledge in the ever changing travel industry attending national and international travel conferences/indabas and workshops. His company is also a member of the Northamptonshire Chamber Of Commerce and Social Enterprise UK.

BLAS…….Where the little things matter