“A continent within a country” 

Botswana is around 90% covered in savanna, varying from shrub savanna in the south west, dry areas to tree savanna consisting of trees and grass in the wetter areas. The country has more than 2500 plant species as well as 650 species of trees. For those living in the desert (Kalahari) vegetation and its wild fruits are extremely important to rural populations living there. They are a principle of food, fuel and medicine for many.

A safari in Botswana is forever an excellent experience to view predators. It all starts with dominant lions, leopards to wild dogs that can be seen racing across the plains in pursuit of antelopes. It is one of Africa’s most fascinating destinations with a full range of giraffes, buffaloes, zebras and dozens of other mammal species. This country has over 400 bird species.

Enjoy the grunting of hippopotamus and the echoing croaking sound of bullfrogs and the cool chirping sound of crickets and grasshoppers on your return from what is always a thrilling day back to your luxury tented accommodation, topped up with superb dinner. The beauty of the day continues all through the night into the early hours of the morning, waking up to another bright day of more adventure and exciting discoveries in the African wild at its very best.

Enjoy the mesmerising Okavango Delta in the Moremi, Chobe National Parks and their abundant wildlife while staying at some of the most beautiful and fascinating camps and lodges. You can also experience the desert lifestyle by visiting the Kalahari Desert.

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