Namibia is a beautiful country in southwest Africa. It is distinguished by the Namib vast desert area along its Atlantic Ocean Coast. It is home to diverse wildlife, including a significant number of the world cheetah population.

Amongst all the countries of Sub-Saharan Africa, Namibia is arguably the most comprehensive tourist- friendly. When it comes to this great nation, it’s not only about its exceptional wildlife that includes a quarter of the world’s cheetahs, the last free-ranging black rhino, a well-developed network of parks, reserves, conservancies, camps and safari lodges. World over, Namibia’s coastline, landscape, and deserts feature as some of the most photographed and gasped over. This Southwest African jewel has some of the region’s great safaris and deserve to be rated amongst the best in Southern Africa making it a worthwhile destination for most of our guests.

Enjoy the unforgettable safari experience at Etosha National Park in the northwestern Namibia and  the scenic Damaraland on the north-central.Caprivi Strip a classic panhandle is also the unspoilt attraction of Namibia, home to many types of wildlife.  The strip runs 280miles (450km) west to east from the main part of Namibia to the Zambezi River on the eastern boarder.

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