We continue encouraging all our friends and colleagues to remain hopeful and practice social distancing, washing hands frequently, staying indoors or at home and uplifting each other.
A few takeaways as we are in this Lock-down period;
  • We as Zimbabwe /Africa and the rest of the world are gearing or preparing for life after COVID-19? There are serious economic, social, psychological, spiritual, environmental issues to deal with. Governments alone will not manage to deal with all these issues.
Economically in Zimbabwe we have industries that were already under performing and in some instances industries in tourism that supported communities around areas they operate from. The downturn because of COVID-19 means whole communities are not spared the negatives associated or accompanying such a disaster as COVID-19.
Also economical how will all the informal players going to pay rentals, debts, rates, fees etc when they are not earning and will have to make up for the Lockdown period.
  • Have we made provision for the psychological cases we will have as a result of reaction to loss of loved ones, loss of income opportunities, dealing with the COVID-19 trauma?
  • Spiritually the Churches will have to explain this phenomena to give a plausible explanation that might not agree to the scientific explanation. Spiritual Counselling will be needed. Sadly, we are yet to hear of churches that have publicly come out to say we have put aside funds to pay rentals/utilities/fees etc for our congregants or setup funds to finance all the informal members of their churches.
  • We are yet to hear of churches and our many wealthy brothers and sisters who have come out and said they are funding hospitals/clinics/health workers or the families of those affected by COVID-19. Only a minute few have done something.
We are disappointed that a prominent wealthy parent like James Makamba has not come up with initiatives like;
  • A program to identify the people his son came into contact with so that they can be helped.
  • Help fund Wilkins Hospital, Beatrice Infectious Diseases Hospital or set up an awareness campaign so that what happened to his son does not happen to anyone else.
Wilkins Hospital and Beatrice Infectious Disease Hospital are Harare’s only infectious disease hospitals. Both are managed by the City of Harare. In Bulawayo we have Thorngrove Infectious Disease Hospital and Ekusileni Hospital will soon be added to the list of infectious hospital in the country. Meanwhile, Harare is adding St Annes  Hospital and Rock Foundation as infectious disease hospitals. Rock Foundation in Mt Pleasant is a private initiative and little is known on how much it will cost members of the public to access help regards COVID-19.
“Alone we can do so little; together we can do so much.” Helen Keller
Article written by; Angelbert Deketeke – BLAS Community & Wildlife Conservation Chairman, Zimbabwe

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