“For me, Zambia and Zimbabwe were about the hospitality of the people, the tasty cuisine that tickles your palate, the wildlife, and the music that connects to a time unknown!

Whether you choose to camp in the wild, let your palate be invigorated with local cuisine, sway to the sounds and rhythmic beats of the people, enjoy the sunset as you take in the wildlife on a safari experience or all the above — let BLAS take you there.

It was more than a trip; it was a curated experience, designed to educate, evoke, and entertain!

I quite literally had a (BLAS)t! I invite you to #DreamofAfrica and journey there.”

Rachel Leonidas, Washington, DC

The BLAS Experience

BushLife Africa Safaris (BLAS) offers both luxury and low-budget holiday tours for travellers who want to enjoy a great safari experience. This is made possible thanks to our partnerships with local accommodation providers. These range from large and well-established providers, to small, family-run and owner-operated tented camps, lodges, guest houses and hostels.

Whether you’ve booked an exclusive luxury tent, or one of our low budget safaris, you’ll get a custom, authentic and unforgettable experience of a lifetime — with no compromise on the quality of service you receive.

Our accommodations are located away from the upmarket lodges and tents. The aim is to redirect tourists’ dollars to support local business owners and their communities. We’re committed to introducing you to an authentic experience where you eat and enjoy life in the amazing African way.

Capture Africa

Have you ever stayed somewhere, and had a great time, but didn’t make any meaningful connections or have any authentic cultural experiences?

You couldn’t say for sure, what the local people ate, how they entertained or socialised among themselves. And you didn’t meet native people you could soon consider colleagues, or even friends.

Many people share pictures and videos of the fantastic game reserves, sights and sounds of Africa — but often they have no depth or genuine connection.

At BLAS, we make it our responsibility to ensure we deliver an authentic and well-packaged African safari experience that will educate and inspire! We will take you away from the exclusive private reserves and national parks, to witness first-hand some of the unique customs and ways of life of some of the most dynamic and diverse people in the world.

You’ll be welcomed into local homes and villages, dance the night away with natives at beerhalls and eat organic and authentic food under the stars. You’ll be guests at traditional ceremonies, visit historical sites, enjoy breathtaking views and experience the other side of Africa, not usually witnessed by many.

Feed your Adventurous Side

If you crave the exhilarating adventure of a safari experience, BLAS will not disappoint.

But we will also whisk you away from everyday bush life and take you deep into communities, for a once in a lifetime experience you will never forget.

Together with your guide and our consultant, you will visit places only a few tourists in the world ever get to see. The fascinating wildlife and African village life will be right before your very eyes. These visits are only available to a maximum of six people at a time. We keep the groups small to enhance your experience and enjoyment.

When you travel with us, we encourage you to talk to your consultant and ask them about tours to places the locals choose to visit. These trips must be planned prior to travelling, but will be one of the highlights of your trip away from the bush. The sights you will see will leave you amazed, inspired and awestruck.

We call these trips “Taking You Back To My Roots”, because this is where our founder came from. He spent most of his life in Africa, surrounded by these special communities and wildlife. The trips allow you to experience life just as he did — and they never disappoint!

At BLAS we believe that true cultural exchange has the power to change the world by removing the divides between people and their backgrounds. Simply put, the best reason to travel is to make the world a better place.

As an industry, we rely on many of the poorest nations to deliver our holidays. Rebuilding it after COVID-19 can only happen together, and those most needing support must receive it from governments and industry.

Come along with us on your next safari holiday experience, and let’s have a BLAS(t) in Africa!



  1. Rachel on June 14, 2020 at 7:23 am

    It was unforgettable!

    • Brighton Muluswela on June 28, 2020 at 12:58 pm

      Thank You Rachel. It was great hosting you and we look forward to hosting you again.

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