Your Health and Safety has always been important in responsible adventure travel. The COVID-19 pandemic adds a layer of risk of a transmissible disease both in daily life and in travel experiences. Together with our partners we share the same responsibility when it comes to the safety of our guests, staff and local communities. We will continue to adhere to the WHO guidelines including those jointly developed by Adventure Travel Trade Association (ATTA) and Cleveland Clinic, a leading provider of specialized medical care, focused on providing clinical excellence and superior patient outcomes. Cleveland Clinic is a multi-specialty academic medical center that integrates clinical and hospital care with research and education.


What factors need to be considered in the trip destination?


Operations can only resume when there are no travel restrictions in place at the host destination or a business is able to comply with host travel recommendations. Travel advice will need to be assessed for the destination from the host government along with from country of origin, such as that issued by the United Kingdom/ United States States Department or Foreign Commonwealth Office. The assessment should include not only travel restrictions at destination, but restrictions that may be in place related to returning home.


An assessment into the current situation of the destination will need to be evaluated using the many official information resources available. This will constantly change as time progresses so will need to be reassessed when the situation improves, and case numbers and infection rates are considered low enough to resume travel.


If customers are needing to fly into the destination an assessment should be made on whether a safe, regular, reliable and viable service will resume. This will be factored for customers flying in from multiple destinations including return flights, should the customer need to take an unscheduled flight home. Customers will need to follow advice from the airline and any other local government regarding safety protocol, including the wearing of face masks or coverings.


Determine whether or not the destination has enacted a Test, Trace, and Track program prior to operating. Together with our partners and suppliers we will keep up to date with testing procedures and policies and follow the current recommendations set forth by the destination. Be aware that some destinations may require the use of a contract tracing app. We will advise customers of destination regulations (including privacy issues) prior to departure to ensure customer compliance during operation.


We will continue to make an assessment of how our trips could affect local communities to which it travels. A guiding principle will be to protect and guard small, remote or vulnerable populations that may not have been affected by the virus. We are aware of the importance of avoiding over-stressing medical and health services in a destination, and to respect decisions made by communities who chose to not welcome visitors for a certain period of time.


An overall assessment will need to be made into the viability of resuming travel using the information available at the time of travel. As the situation progresses and improves this assessment will need to be constantly re-evaluated, using our Risk Assessment and Planning Tool to help make careful evaluation.
Look out for our detailed COVID-19 Health and Safety Guidelines lines to be uploaded on our website soon.

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