The National Guidelines for Aviation for COVID-19 have been set to ensure the safety of both travellers and airport staff. These are in addition to temperature testing, social distancing,
sanitisation, and mandatory wearing of masks.

1. All travellers will be required to have a PCR COVID-19 Clearance Certificate issued by a recognised facility WITHIN no more than 48 hours BEFORE DEPARTURE in line with
the WHO Guidelines.

2. Travellers may be requested to undergo a further PCR test on arrival if officials believe they are symptomatic. Symptoms include, but are not restricted to, a fever and a dry
cough. Travellers are advised to carry their own thermometer.

3. Should travellers be requested to carry out the PCR test on arrival, this will be at a cost of USD 70. Results will be available after a period of at least 2 hours. Should the PCR be negative a traveler is free to continue without quarantine.

4. If the PCR is positive, the traveler will be required to undergo a quarantine period of up to ten days or until such time as a negative test is received. This will be at the traveler’s own expense. This can be done at approved private facilities..

Regulations to Travel Around Zimbabwe

1. All travellers must wear a mask at all times in any public areas.

2. When travelling by road, travellers are required to have a mask, and must wear it when approaching police stops.

Regulations for Leaving Zimbabwe

1. If travellers require a PCR Covid-19 Clearance Certificate for re-entry to their home country, this can be performed one day prior to departure at a Lancet Laboratory testing facility in Harare or Victoria Falls.

2. Test results can be obtained by 4pm if they are performed by 9am on the same day.

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